“Things Harada Says That Make My Chest Tight,” a listicle*

“Sannan, you damn well better look me in the eye when you speak to me.”

“Well, okay. You come first.”

“What I want is… to meet a beautiful woman, start a family, and find a real quaint place to live a nice, quiet life.”

“Were…were you coming onto me? …Right over your head, huh? Never mind.”

“You’ve been cooped up in the compounds, forced to wear men’s clothing, and almost every other weekend, you were nearly abducted by Demons…”

“Since we’re in this together, I promise to keep you safe, so whatever you do, try not to worry about anything too much.”

“Boy, you and I get along pretty well together. Seems like we even share the same dream. If I were to make you my wife, we’d be one step closer to making our dreams come true, huh?”

“Man… I’m gonna be a dad.

“You’re probably gonna laugh at me, but… Right now, I’m really happy that I’m alive.”

*quotes taken from the games, not the anime

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