Ridiculously Random Anime Awards, 2016-17

Author's Note: This post is from *checks notes* 2017. I never published it assumedly because there were categories I never finished writing for, and at this point I can no longer do so because 2016/2017 was so long ago! I also probably intended to write my "whys" behind some of the winners that I named, … Continue reading Ridiculously Random Anime Awards, 2016-17

Gingerly: In Response to the WordPress Prompt

Author's Note: This short post from the backlog was written in 2017 when WordPress used to provide single word prompts for bloggers to fill. Do they still do that? I don't think so? And in twilight, it almost felt like she could count the innumerable, white-lit pinpricks in the uppermost western sky. It almost felt … Continue reading Gingerly: In Response to the WordPress Prompt

Shoujo’s Shojo “Tells & Tropes” Master List <3

You've probably never looked at a title and wondered, "Is this shojo?" and let's be honest; you'll also probably never need to ask. The hallmarks of shojo are usually pretty obvious on sight, but at some point I began wondering if anyone ever bothered to make a master list of the tells, tropes, and subtropes. … Continue reading Shoujo’s Shojo “Tells & Tropes” Master List ❤

I kinda watched “Sweet Tooth.” – a short review

If you are of a mind to watch the Netflix original* show Sweet Tooth, you may be tempted to think it a fantasy based on appearance alone. The title screen is going to display an uncanny little puppy-baby hybrid creature which, yea, is definitely huggable, but is also kinda bizarre in the most dreadful way? … Continue reading I kinda watched “Sweet Tooth.” – a short review