They’re not really talking about algae. — Dramatical Murder’s “Slip on the Pumps” by GoatBed (English Version)

Let’s pretend for a minute I haven’t gone AWOL from the blog for like… a month now… with this next post, which isn’t an explanation of absence or anything remotely related to it! No! This post is lyrical!

That’s right. It’s time again for a foray into interpretation. I’m taking “Slip on the Pumps” by GoatBed from Japanese to English in a singable interpretation that maintains the feel and context of the original. Let me tell you, dear readers… that’s harder than it seems! If you happen to know anything about GoatBed (the artists behind music for the Dramatical Murder franchise) already, you’ll know that taking their lyrics directly from Japanese into English is… interesting. The lyrics for several of their songs (such as “Ai Catch”) are well known as… gibberish, frankly. Gibberish with ~VIBES.~ (Love that for them, honestly.)

If you use Google to translate the section below, you’re going to be confused, but don’t worry! It’s not Google’s fault. That’s truly just how it is. They’re talking about algae. (Again, LOVE that for them.)

In the empty space
I go with the flow高揚 知って射る前提の (swing the heartache)
そうやって藻掻いた挙げ句 (from the inside)
秒針で先送る slip on
(Slip on, slip on, slip on)牽制しあうこの間合いで頷いた
Climax, equal flat intercourse
順応的合成 万端に秒刻み
Cry heart, equals sharp forever

-“Slip on the Pumps” by GoatBed

For this English take, I used what I understood about the source media for context, as well as what the lyrics directly stated, to weave a sort of vague narrative throughout that I feel strongly captures the essence of what “Slip on the Pumps” (and Dramatical Murder) are about. If you’ve never seen Dramatical Murder or heard “Slip on the Pumps” before, I’ll include the original so you can get a taste for the ~vibes.~ ❤

Now, without further ado, we begin:

In the empty space
I go with the flow

Aiming for what feels so good (swing with heartache)
Your eyes are glowing, there’s pressure growing inside
An itch I cannot hope to scratch (Solitary)

The gliding of hands, holding nothing back, SLIP ON...SLIP ON...SLIP ON...SLIP ON…

When it ends I cry, the release in your hands
Climax of a flat intercourse
Hold you as I’m coming down from the heartache
Crying out because this is my life
(These days feel so good)

And in the night I see, your smoke is curling
I stare out the window as it breathes out (stare into the void)
A painless sin, this love, drifting slowly
(Drifting drowning drone)
And holding onto night,
a wonderful waiting as I’m drifting up Heaven-ward

Feelings I have felt before (swing with heartache)
A darkness within, our hearts are beating in time
You hold me through uncertain time (this is hearsay)
No matter the end, these evenings all say SLIP on…


Run about, we run, run about, hold my hand
And I will be your puppet, you will be my puppet

Run about, we run, slap my hand
We are now only ever dreaming
Do we have to leave this place? 

Peel a boy so good
(Run about, we run)

Peel that boy so good
(Run about)
Feel a fool, so good
(Run about, about)
Peel a boy so good
(Slap my hand)


I’ll be back soon with more anime content, because Fruits Basket is driving me crazy in the best way. So many emotions!

Until next time, get vaccinated!



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