“That Time I Learned that Co-Washing with a High-Moisture Shampoo will Make Me Lose My Hair,” a Shoujo’s Tale & Other Updates

Like any good light novel or any good Shoujo (me, not the anime genre), I begin with a rambling title and an adventure in capitalization. If you recall from this post, I began a Curly Girl Method Odyssey some weeks ago, and I have to say that—now on the other side of it having messed my hair up all to heck—I really shouldn’t have.

(Odyssey is a difficult word to spell off the top of my head. Anyway.)

If you want to skip the hair stuff and get straight to the other updates, you can do so by clicking HERE.

In the classic CGM, adherers are instructed to swear off shampoo for the most part, or at least sulfates, as well as a whole bunch of other ingredients. They’re also instructed to MOISTURIZE and PROTEIN and PLOP and DIFFUSE and RAKE and SCRUNCH. I’m sure it all works very well for some people, but dear readers, my hair isn’t like this:

It’s like this!

Anyway, it’s come to my attention that the strict CGM really only works best for people with tighter curl patterns, but not enough people are talking about that. (There’s a chart from like 1A stick straight to 4c tightest coils but like, it’s an inexact science.) The internet won’t tell you that those of us with waves and loose curls shouldn’t be following it strictly, nor does the reddit group make as much obvious. I’m writing this as part of a life update and also just so no one who comes across this on the Internet makes the mistake I did!

Tighter patterns need more moisture than looser patterns, and sulfates are harsher on more delicate hair. Someone with my pattern and needs trying to cowash or even using a high-moisture shampoo and too many products is going to:

a) weigh down their hair

b) over-moisturize until their hair basically slips from their follicles

and c) cause build-up leading to scalp irritation and hair loss!

Yes, I LOST HAIR AND IT WASN’T FUN, but I tossed those products (SheaMoisture Curl & Shine) and started using my Husband’s Axe 2-1 shampoo, so my scalp is happy again. It’ll probably take a while until my lost hair grows back, I’d imagine. Anyway, before CGM, I used a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (Renpure), but I didn’t use a lot of other products, and it wasn’t super moisturizing. I never had any issues with scalp irritation or hair loss. Post CGM, I’m taking what worked and kicking what didn’t. I’m going to try using a light moisture “gentle” sulfate shampoo (Ammonium Laureth Sulfate) to hopefully clean my scalp but not fry/strip my hair, light moisture conditioner avoiding my roots (because even though it doesn’t need THAT much moisture, it still needs conditioner!), and a nice light moisture gel to keep frizz at bay and oomph my style.

I’m thinking these.

I hope that works as a nice balance for me. If it doesn’t, I’ll go back to the strong sulfates or no sulfates and no products, but I think 🤔 it’ll be okay. Routines should only take me 5 minutes because I’m like that, so I’m not willing to like, you know, go crazy with it every morning.

Anyway, moving on from the hair light novel, other updates include:

my laptop keyboard is on the fritz, making typing difficult, •I’m still waiting on potential jobs but most likely going to sub through grad school and that’s perfectly ok, • I will be fully vaccinated as of Sunday, and •I can now eat food from the grocery store without letting it quarantine or washing it!!!

Needless to say (but as I often do), we are living in the Thoughts household. We’re trying to get everyone we know to take the vaccine, with… middling… results, but a lot of that comes down to where we live and the sorts of narratives that circle here. (So many Trump signs. So many. *shudder*) We aren’t giving up!! And our families are (mostly) safe now because they got the jab!! So!! Excite!!

Husband is about to have his second pandemic birthday, but fortunately and thanks to vaccines, we can have my parents (and his parents if his dad will take a Covid test because HE REFUSES TO GET VACCINATED, ROLLING MY EYES HERE) over for dinner! But it’s not a “birthday” dinner and the cake I’m making him is not a “birthday” cake. No, of course not. 😉 🎂 He’s a bit older than me and is about to reach the big 3-0, so if you see him (which of course you won’t), wish him a Happy Birthday!

I sincerely hope that all of you are getting the vaccine as soon as you are able. It’s safe, effective, and honestly, getting it feels like being part of history, especially getting it at a National Guard site. No matter where you get it, you’re working to protect yourself and others, and that’s a big deal. I can’t tell you the relief I feel already nearing my two weeks post second-shot benchmark. We can go into stores again, pick up food to eat at home again, and HUG OUR VACCINATED FAMILY MEMBERS AGAIN! I can see my grandparents who both have dementia before they don’t know who I am anymore, which is both depressing (the not remembering) and enormously wonderful (the seeing them). Husband can go mushrooming with his grandpa. I can help my mom enter client data into her computer systems because she’s overwhelmed having started up her own successful business after being unlawfully fired during the pandemic! God is good!!

On the anime front, I’ll be watching Fruba as it airs! Unlike during the height of the pandemic, the episodes should release regularly each Monday, and I’m so excited for it!

I still need to watch the latest season of Attack on Titan, but I need to be ready for emotional horror before I jump in and, dear readers, I’m honestly just not there yet. I’m not sure what other shows this season will bring, but as I’ve said all along, Fruba is enough on it’s own if necessary. Oh, Fruba. ❤

I also still need to resume the 31 Day Anime Challenge, but my keyboard genuinely decides on a given day whether or not it’s gonna work, so… we’ll see!!

Until I ramble again (most likely about anime or otome next time), please stay safe, GET VACCINATED WHEN YOU CAN, wear a mask or two, and wash those hands! There’s light at the end of the tunnel if we all buckle down and take precautions!!!

Love, peace, and geese,

Shoujo 🌸

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