Character You Wish Never Existed — 31 Day Anime Challenge (Day 12)

A good character or character addition can make or break a program. This is especially true when the character is given a major role. However, not every character has to a make-or-break character to be unnecessary or annoying. Today, I’m selecting a character I find annoying and unnecessary. Even years later, I’m still hung up on the inclusion of Juri/Juli in Brothers Conflict.

Frankly, he’s annoying. This little squirl (I can’t spell. Squirrel.) is correct in that Ema’s brothers need to lay off of her, but that doesn’t give him free reign to be as… annoying… as he is. His nearly constant belligerence is a hinderance to the show, and even in a show based off of an ototme game, his larger plot points are overlooked in incredible ways. I mean, spoiler alert for the games, but the Juri isn’t even really a squirrel. What is he? I dunno, because the game hasn’t been localized, and I don’t plan to play it until/unless it is, but still. There was so much unexplored potential for Juri that Bro Con didn’t tap into, and if it wasn’t a show based on a game that necessitated him, his exlusion wouldn’t be a problem.

For the most part.

I’m not saying the guy should be totally removed or that I wish he didn’t exist, but I wish his character was utilized better.

I’ll leave you today with an unrelated Goo Goo Dolls cover by Sleeping with Sirens.

Until tomorrow,

stay home when you can, wear a mask (or two) when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!



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