Anime I Would Recommend — 31 Day Anime Challenge (Day 9)

I’ve been at this whole blogging thing for a while (four years!), and in that time, I’ve recommended quite a bit of anime, and so to recommend another is no great stretch. Today, I will suggest that all my readers stop what they are doing (if convenient!) and watch Pretear (dub)!

Pretear is a classic worth watching and talking about. Pay no attention to the fact that I’ve done the former without the latter. It’s something I should do with more intention another time, but I can at least provide a plot synopsis for the interested but uninformed.

Himeno is just a girl (voiced by the same Luci Christian who voiced Honey in Ouran) trying to keep it together after her artist father married a wealthy widow and threw their life into chaos. Her new step-sisters aren’t her biggest fans (one is a snob and the other distant), and her step-mother would really appreciate it if Himeno were more ladylike and graceful, but it is what it is until, one day, Himeno runs into a handsome stranger (voiced by the highly problematic voice of Hakuouki’s Harada, Illich Guardiola) and tries to punch him (I mean, it’s very anime, yeah?) only to discover the existence of magic! Get this; turns out Himeno is a legendary figure called the Pretear. Her week could not get stranger! Next thing she knows, she’s thrown into a reverse harem of Leafe (pronounced leaf-ay) Knights all determined to help her in her reluctantly undertaken quest to protect the world, and that’s all before her family gets involved… What do they mean a Pretear can go bad?? Princess of Disaster, who??

I really do need to properly review this title sometime, but I’ll leave you here for now!

Until tomorrow…

…stay home when you can, wear a mask (or two!) when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!


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