Anime Character I Find Attractive — 31 Day Anime Challenge (Day 5)

Okay, so the following works perfectly with this prompt. A while ago, I posted this on Twitter:

In my response, I included one live action and several otome characters as well. Here, we see in order:

Akira from “Nil Admirari no Tenbin”

Dante Falzone from “Piofiore”

Shiranui from “Hakuouki”

Roy from FMAB

Azazel from “Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul”

Hijikata from “Hakuouki”

Luka from Uraboku

Saint Germain from “Code Realize”

Ignis from “Cafe Enchanté”

Harada from “Hakuouki”

Shiraishi from “Collar x Malice”

Jiang Cheng from CQL

Until tomorrow…

…stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!


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