Returning to Teaching After the Hurt —“God’s gonna scoop me up.”

Preschool Prattle

Teaching can be a difficult and thankless job, in no small part because we pour our hearts into it. Sometimes, we need a little motivation through bad times and reminders to celebrate the good. Though I do talk about difficult days (because talking about difficult days is important), this is not a vent blog. It was never intended to be, and it won’t become one now.

However, with the dawning of a new school year on the distant horizon and a conspicuous absence of posts here during the last, I think it’s important to relay what happened last July, and what that means for both me and this little blog moving forward.

Last July, I posted this on r/Teachers, looking for understanding and support. They did not disappoint:

In my distress, I said I’d been at the school for four years instead of three. I was entering what would have…

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