First Anime That Brought Me to Tears — 31 Day Anime Challenge (Day 3)

Answering this prompt requires me to think a few years back in time, so it might take some doing. I’m fairly confident I can narrow it down to one of a few titles, but knowing for certain is challenging. I probably cried over Fruits Basket (2001) for sure. I can say without reservation that the first tears I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER shedding were over Hakuouki. I vividly recall sitting at the bar-top kitchen table, watching anime on my laptop at our first tiny townhouse the year after Husband and I married. Warm tears POURED down my cheeks as I watched [spoilers] Chizuru and a wounded Hijikata find Souji’s sword standing upright in the road. Souji—as angry as he was at Hijikata—gave what little life he had left to take out the men headed to hurt a wounded Hijikata as he convalesced in the nearest town.

It was heartbreaking, and I’ll never forget how deeply the feelings impacted me.

Until tomorrow…

…stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!



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