Last Completed Anime I Watched — 31 Day Anime Challenge (Day 2)

Though this may easily change by the time this post goes live (as I’m currently writing it about two weeks in advance!), the last completed anime I watched is the donghua Jie Yao (Antidote)!

I reviewed the show here. I liked Jie Yao quite a bit. It had light Banana Fish vibes without the same level of emotional taxation, and at 13 episodes, I was able to finish the entire thing in one free afternoon. Jie Yao tells the story of a rich kid named Cheng Ke and a street punk Jiang YuDuo who have to face their pasts together while working to secure their futures. As they do so, they grow closer day by day. (Yes, this is a BL title.)

It handles addressing mental health with such dignity and respect without downplaying the challenges that go along with living with/loving someone with them, and I was impressed. Likewise, there weren’t any “I need a man to save me” vibes in sight, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you feel about such themes.

You can watch Jie Yao with English subs legally on Youtube by joining the BiliBili channel or by becoming a VIP member on the BiliBili website. I wish that Sentai or Funi would licence it, or even that Crunchyroll would air it, but if you want to see it, I’m sure you can find a way!

Until tomorrow…

…stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!



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