(≧∇≦)If you need a laugh, I got you. <3 (4) –this time with videos!

Again, the purpose of this post is just to put smiles on faces! You can see the first three meme-tastic posts here:

Listen, my guys: the first man’s name was Kiki, and it all begins there. They NEVER stop the dance, and we should all be so dedicated, in Amsterdam perchance. And may I say, wow, you can really dance~ THEY CANELLED ALL THE WARS.

What sort of classic superhero theme song lacks lyrics?? Well, I guess… a lot of them! But fear not! HE IS THE MANNNNNNNNN~!!!!!! Because he’s a Superman just making his rounds. 🙂 The gay joke didn’t age well, though.

Yeah, you may be running for your life, and blood may be draining fast from your stump leg, but this is just a normal Tuesday night for actual cannibal, Shia LeBouf. The “quiet quiet” and that one guy’s face when he sings “stab him in his kindneyssss~~~~” gets me every time.

After you’ve watched that, might I suggest you watch Jenna Marbles watch it? With something this humorous, though I’ve seen the Shia LeBouf song so many times, I still CRACK UP watching others crack up.

Okay, moving on, one of the best vines ever:


Next, we have the best part of the Captain Jack Sparrow song from Michael Bolton and the Lonely Island, but in ballad form. You gotta love it. The majesty. The tail of the Disney marauder.

I like country music, but this song by Bo Burnham… DIRT ROAD, COLD BEER…. “No jews, you didn’t hear that.” Oh no 😭 “I don’t like dirt.” He hopes his southern charm offsets all the rape-y vibes he’s putting out, but it turns out it’s a scarecrow, so I guess it’s fine.

The following tick tock (in Tweet form) is everything. I’m so impressed by the dancing and Rasputin is such a fun song.

As a follow up:

And now, more memes:

Until next time, I hope these brought you some laughter! I know they did for me! Stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!


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