“It got 12 likes,” or That Time I Became a Rogue Lobster Rescuer

I will begin by saying, the tweet got 12 likes.

It actually got more than 12 likes.

Anyway, it is because this tweet got the necessary number of likes that my story has been told. Although it has been shared with Twitter, I will now share it on my blog as I had originally planned to… before I forgot. 🤷🏻‍♀️

(No, this is not anime content. Yes, I am going to review “Jie Yao” soon because I enthusiastically watched the whole show in one afternoon.)

Anyway, we begin!

First, to set the scene: I am a child of about seven-ish years old or so (IDK time is meaningless) and I am a lover of living things (not news, probably).

It is the 90s, and I’m grocery shopping with my mom at the big blue Walmart 25 minutes from home.

This is back in the “Wal-Mart” days: everything is white/blue, smiley stickers given by greeters to kids are the norm, and the mid-isle freezers have bumpers. I repeatedly try to balance on them and am scolded to get down.

We’ve been shopping for what feels like forever to a kid, and now we’re in the freezer section. (Don’t get too close to the meat wall, it’s cold 🥶.

If you were alive in the 90s and visited a Midwestern Walmart, you may remember seeing the globular, live-lobster displays mounted on slender columns in the sections by sea food.

This little half-circle tank houses several lobsters, their sweet little claws bound by rubber bands. I greet them, meet their unique little eyes, and the horror in my child-heart when I learn what they are for is real.

I desperately do not want these lobsters to die, which I know will happen because if my mom won’t let me take them home as pets to rescue them, who else is going to save them??? It is enough to bring tears if you think about it too much!! So. What is a child Shoujo to do?

I was—you should know—considered a “goodie goodie” throughout most of my childhood. I honestly never wanted to do anything wrong. This is to say I was not the rebellious sort. I did not (do not, I hope) generally do things I knew were wrong.

But it would be wrong, my child-heart insisted, to do nothing and allow the lobsters to die! Well, let’s be honest—it was nothing so well and particularly moralized at seven-ish; I just didn’t want them to die. Them dying was too sad for me to tolerate.

The tank is locked; if I could get them out, where would I take them? 🦞 It hits me, though, what I can do. The sign lists lobster for $19.98 per lb.

I anxiously survey the area; is my mom looking? Are the blue-vested employees coming near?? Is a stocker getting ready to enter from the back room butcher area?? Did that man see me?!

I am panicking, but I meander casually over and, with constant vigilance, move as quickly as my hands will allow to slide out the flippable price plaque. I change just one number and skip away.

It is not a perfect solution, of course, but my child brain isn’t thinking entirely logically. None of you, I think to the sea creatures, will be eaten now! And why?

Well, who buys lobster for for $99.98 per lb?

(The practice at that particular Walmart of carrying live lobsters did not last very long~ 🦞 🤷🏻‍♀️)

And now you know the story. (^-^) It is officially recorded.

Stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!


*Cover image from Freepik on Pinterest

4 thoughts on ““It got 12 likes,” or That Time I Became a Rogue Lobster Rescuer

  1. What an adorable story! I am not a very ethic eater and will try/eat most animals. When I saw them grandma told me they were meant for pets.

    Later I overheard a conversation about putting them in boiling water untill red and I figured..ah so that is how Sebastian and those others turn red you need to boil your pet to make it red.
    Thinking it would not be harmed by that… I believed that for way to long xD

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    1. It’s so hard to eat things that you wanna protect but you’re also not a vegetarian so like… Yeah. :/

      Anyway, your grandma told you they were meant for pets? I could get behind that.

      This whole thing reminds me of something that happened in one of my classes re: the students not knowing where chicken nuggets came from, but that’s neither here nor there.

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. I cant be a vegitarian, I already have a weak heart, creating iron deficiënsies aplifies that problem , supplements might help but it would be yet another pill to take.

        I love animals but I will admit I also love eating them. I also will eat all animals but if I can ease their suffering I will.

        I for example do go out my way to cook with less desirable cuts of meat so they are not wasted, lots of organ meat. I do try to be a vegitarian at least twice a week.

        I have a few nefarious schemes how to ruin lobster for people though. Stand near the tank and if someone buys a lobster tell them to take good care of simon, you just learned about reincarnation in school and saw it wave at you jusy like grandpa used to do .. if they cook simon no way it will taste good and they spend top dollar again

        Lobster is very pricey here though we dont have red lobster style restaurants

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  2. Lol. I grew up next to the beach. Never thought to bring any sea creatures home with me. Well, my cousins from another state came to visit. They collected tiny crabs in a bucket and brought them to my house. They didn’t survive the night. But the sound of their scuttling in that bucket gave me nightmares for life. Those poor little creatures.

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