Smashing Ice Sculptures in a Dairy Queen Parking Lot, Teacher Style — dream narrative

Welcome to the wild ride of last night’s dream, brought to you by my subconscious and sponsored by life experiences!

Dreams can be confusing as all get out. I was going to Tweet about the oddity of this one, but it proved waaaaaaayyyyyy too long for a tweet thread, so here we are. Having written about it–though I was angry when I woke up–I can now confidently say I’m way more amused than angry.

Rising Action:

Somehow, I end up subbing for my old position (teaching PreK) at my old place of employment (small, private elementary). It is, of course, not environmentally a true recreation of my workplace. My brain has a bunch of environmental schemas re: academic institutions, so in dreams like this, it creates and recycles a number of fictional school facilities based both on places I’ve experienced and places my brain has come up with on its own. It sometimes mixes or alters them into new environments, but it’s obvious my brain likes to pull inspiration from the same folder for things like this.

I digress. Moving on, I think it’s somebody’s birthday party that day? The school has this mint-green indoor play area (because my brain sometimes likes to make preschool rooms mint green?) where things are happening? Nothing makes sense and everything is weird? IDK? Anyway, apparently, yes, I sub for these people.

(In the dream, it didn’t look anything like this, and the green color on the left wall isn’t minty enough, but dang if this facility here doesn’t look AMAZING. Image source here.)

As the dream progresses and the day comes to a close, I realize with horror that none of us are wearing masks during the middle of a pandemic. Conscious-brained me is now aghast I was there at all? In no way would this ever happen in reality? I wouldn’t be there right now supporting what they’re doing (and not doing) if you threatened me with violence or promised me a million dollars? Dreams are weird. ANYWAY…

Main Action:

It’s night now, because of course. An old coworker who quit last spring over the school’s bullshit (pardon my language) is driving me to Dairy Queen.

(Similar to this. Image source here.)

We arrive. There is ?mood lighting? because, I mean, why wouldn’t Dairy Queen have mood lighting, brain? Of course it was dim, because of course.

People I used to work with are there. The boss I had before my last boss (the old principal quit a few years ago) wants me to come back to work at my former school, creating and executing a DAILY, HOURS-LONG READING/ ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM FOR FREE. I am enraged at this point as he implies I have to work my way back into a teaching position after what I’ve done (please note: asking for everyone to wear masks and such) because it’s his job to take the school into the future and he’s trying to help me by giving me this chance. I smart right off and interrupt like, “What I’ve done? You mean like asking people to wear masks?!”

I am acutely aware that everyone can hear, and I want him to own it.

No one in the DQ–including my old coworkers–is wearing a mask. I incredulously ask about this, and I believe it is the resigned coworker who informs me that whole town (wherein is located the DQ and the school) isn’t following the mandate, I guess because ‘MURICA? Anyway, I’m super ticked off, and I don’t know where they all go from this point, but I start collecting random ice sculptures that apparently feature all over the restaurant. I do this for a short while, loading them into a shopping cart.

They’re of weird things, like a human foot/calf.

(Sort of like this. Image source here but I flipped it upside down to give a clearer picture of my dream’s madness. Also, it was only one leg and only through the calf.)

Falling Action:

In the midst of this, I realize I’m not supposed to be breaking these ice sculptures off from their locations. With all the confidence instilled by dream logic, I take the shopping cart outside and dump all the ice sculptures in the parking look, smashing them to eliminate the evidence. I return the shopping cart to outside the Dairy Queen where another cart awaits. An employee just heading in for work gives me a confused look (this may have been before or after the smashing), and I’m hoping to drop the cart and get out of there before someone calls me out on the whole ice sculpture debacle.

From that point, I somehow end circling the restaurant looking for my car, which has disappeared. I awake–still angry at the administrator–before this final drama is resolved.



So… tell me about your random dreams in the comments below!

Wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay home when you can!

~Shoujo ❤

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