Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 2 Watch Along

Sometimes, the novel in which Shen Yuan (now Shen Qingqiu or SQQ) finds himself acts more like a video game. This episode showcases more of the interface that alerts SQQ about the status of his out-of-character (OCC) deductions and plot alterations. (If SQQ acts too OOC or does specific other actions, he will automatically die!) I enjoy how SQQ talks to the interface and no one seems to notice. In the eyes of the other characters, he’s over here passionately taking to himself about things that don’t make sense, and they all just pretend it isn’t happening… The show has never specified that the others can’t see him during these exchanges or that the world around him pauses, soooo…..

At one point in this episode, SQQ–acting from the shadows–saves Lou Binghe (LBH) from bullies and accidentally ends up with a pendant that belongs to the latter. I don’t know why I feel like the pendant came from his late mother, but I do. I think that pendant is going to come in handy at some point. I know some vague plot spoilers that I won’t get into, but I think SQQ’s possession of it may serve in the future to let LBH know that it was SQQ who secretly saved him from his bullies at that time. I suspect this knowledge will probably conflict with his current feelings about SQQ’s own feelings, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Does everyone else watching think that Yue Qingyuan (YQY) miiiiiiight have a little thing for SQQ? It’s either that or their relationship is super brotherly, but I haven’t seen enough to make a determination. I think it’s hilarious when SQQ comments to himself (again, IN FRONT OF YQY!!) on YQY’s existence as a quest-giving NPC.

The journey SQQ and his disciples take to reach the Shuanghu Town “side quest” is a nice piece of development. SQQ is learning to manipulate the system by casting his kind actions as self-serving. SQQ is really turning his character from villain into tsundere, and we love to see it! When SQQ smiles at LBH in the carriage, I think LBH’s youthful crush on him is showing. (^_~)

In Shuanghu Town, we learn that someone or something has been brutally murdering beautiful women and desecrating their bodies! Ning Ying Ying has been abducted! More to come next week.

Let me know how you’re liking SVSSS! Please stay home when possible, stay safe, and wash your hands! ❤

You can legally watch episode 2 here!

~Shoujo (´• ω •`)ノ


I know that the audience on AniTwitter and the Blog-i-sphere for this show isn’t as large as it is for some others (and that it’s technically a Donghua), but I’m really enjoying it, and for once I’m motivated to write about that! I hope that you give it a chance and that the humor gives you as much joy right now as it is giving me. ❤ We all need some good humor, right?

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