Favorite Season Finale (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 8)

Because I am ridiculous and decided to do this entire challenge only using CQL, I don’t have much to say today. There is only one season finale, and it’s great, and if WangXian had shared a kiss, that would not have gone amiss.

Alas, no kiss. Still, a great finale. The disjointed ending kinda lets you know they end up together without getting to be too much for the censors. I appreciate the hidden information. Die-hard fans over here (like me?) analyzing the colors and patterns of WWX’s robes to organize the final clips into the correct time line; now that’s some dedication.

In the end canonically, LWJ and WWX are left playing their music together in the cloud recesses. The ending as it is shown out of order makes me smile: WWX, hearing Lan Zhan and turning to face him, a grin overtaking his features.

They are in love, your honor.


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