News: “Given” the movie is COMING IN 2 WEEKS

Batten down the hatches!! The “Given” movie is releasing August 22nd, 2020. In just 14 days, we will have a continuation of the anime’s story. The moment I realized this, I had to blog about it. It’s just too exciting to keep to myself.

Blue Lyxn (a label belonging to Fuji TV) produced this feature-length theatrical special. The film comes from the same company that produced “Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather.” (I looked up that title to be better informed while writing. It’s about a hypersexual sadist who gets into a relationship with an impotent masachist, and it’s clearly very different than “Given” in basically every respect except that they’re both about boys/men in some sorts of relationships. Aaaanywayyyy….)

The movie was originally slated to release earlier this year, but, you know, global pandemic. 2020, you have done a number on us all…

Anyway, I only just watched the “Given” anime series (review here) because I was late to that party. TOTALLY get what all the hype was about, now, though. ❤

The film is set to be a continuation of the series. We’re going to get more information about Haruki and Akihiko as we watch their relationship progress and I AM SO READY I COULD CRY. I also can’t wait to see how things are going for Ritsuka and Mafuyu as Mafuyu continues to process his grief and guilt.

This was the good news I’ve been needing this week, and I hope it cheers you, too! Let’s all keep our heads up and look forward to a reunion with the band members of Given soon. ❤

7 thoughts on “News: “Given” the movie is COMING IN 2 WEEKS

  1. Awesome! I just watched Given a couple months ago so I’m excited to see the story continue. I hope they put it on crunchyroll or another streaming service

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