Favorite Cast Member (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 7)

I know so little about the personal lives of the actors behind CQL. From what little I do know, I think that the leads Xiao Zhan (playing Wei Wuxian) and Wang Yibo (playing Lan Wanji) both seem very nice and are admittedly very talented.

Additionally, I’ve heard that the actor playing Jiang Cheng is very kind. Story time: while all the cast’s men are quite handsome, I wanna throw out there that I find Wang Zhuocheng (Jiang Cheng) particularly attractive. Additionally, while he plays a generally agitated, complicated man, apparently he is so kind in real life that while watching him perform others were flabbergasted. They were shocked seeing him shift so fully into character and act so unlike his usual self.

(I don’t care what anyone tries to say about Jiang Cheng; he loves his brother. He doesn’t always act on the same convictions the Wei Wuxian would, and he’s a very complicated character, but he loves his family more than anything.)

If you’re not watching, you should be! Especially since it’s best to stay home when you can and slow the spread (at least in America)!

Watch order: click me!



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