Things I Have Learned So Far — “When I Should be Sleeping” Edition

Morality isn’t always black and white (but sometimes it is), and people are very gray.

Empathy (both extended and received) is beyond price.

Humans will pack bond with the oddest “other,” such as inanimate objects.

You can handle more pain than you think, both physically and emotionally.

Depression is a bitch, even if it’s not your own.

People need to set boundaries even with those that they love. Codependency isn’t really defined like most people think it is, but it is equally problematic to what they think it is.

Holding hands and cuddling are good for your heart.

It’s okay to: say “no,” look out for one’s self, admit one is not emotionally able to do more than they are at present.

Everyone fears death. They can say what they want, but I don’t believe otherwise. Religious, not religious, doesn’t matter—to some degree, we all fear the end/unknown.

Humanity is sinful.

You have to forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes and try to be better, but forgive yourself just the same.

Confidence makes a person more attractive. Conceit does not.

Fur babies are blessings. They love us more than we deserve and need to be loved and cared for like human family.

Teenagers are not adults. Adults should not be condescending or project into them, but remember ourselves and our own needs at that age.

Adults should not downplay children’s distress over issues that seem trivial with greater life experience, because children do not have it nor the same ability to emotionally regulate.

Saying “I love you” sincerely and often is valuable.

Sometimes people say “I love you” without words, but you can still hear it.

Immature people can engage in emotionally abusive or manipulative behavior without realizing it, but you still need to get out of those relationships full stop.

You are responsible for your own actions; you are not responsible for those of anyone else.

People grow and change to an extent, but you cannot fundamentally alter who they are.

I have no conclusion to this, but maybe I’ll extend it on my birthday.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.


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