Welcome to the Fandom!—CQL 陈情令 The Untamed Watch Order

Welcome to… The Black Parade! No, I’m kidding…

The Untamed! 陈情令! CQL!

The fandom is a fun place to be, but it can be fraught with peril! Be aware of problematic fan art! Appreciate that MDZS and CQL are different (and CQL is better *wink*)! Go ham!

Me: LMNOP!!!
You: …
Me: Yes, I am confusing. I’m aware.

Of course, In order to enter the CQL fandom, you have to be familiar with the media.

(It’s a drama. It’s fantastic. I’m agog.)

I will warn you that even though the effects are low budget and the C-drama campiness remains in some of the fights/flying bits, once you get past that, the actual acting is INCREDIBLE. Honestly. It’s better than most because the casts’ body language and facial expressions are always so expressive. I was super impressed.

There are two alternative watch orders I’d recommend if you don’t want to start with episode 1 and go through them all in normal order like a sane person. No matter how you watch it, I think the series is grand once you get into the characters. To my understanding, it’s currently one of the most popular dramas in Asia right now. 🙂

So, let’s talk about the options!

Watch order A is the normal order. Start at episode 1, end on 50.

Watch order B is “adventure first” order, in which case you won’t have much backstory to go with, but it will follow the plot as it begins in episode 1. If you chose this order, you’ll be following along with the present-timeline plot. You won’t always know WHY things are, only that they are. Sometimes, due to the nature of the series, these revelations when they DO come can be a punch in the gut! (I cried! Episode 46! I was wounded!!)

Watch order B looks like this:

Start with episode 1. End on episode 2 at 39:02.

Skip to episode 33 and start at 13:16. Watch until episode 50.

Go back to Episode 2 at 39:03. Watch until episode 33 at 13:15.

Sob. 🙂

Watch order C is “backstory first,” chronological order. If you watch it this way, you’ll get things in an order that makes sense to understand the events of the present-timeline plot. It views rather like a book.

Watch order C looks like this:

Start with Episode 2 at 39:02. Watch until episode 33 at 13:15.

Go back to episode 1. Watch until episode 2 at 39:02.

Skip to episode 33 and start at 3:16. Watch until episode 50.

Still sob. 🙂

I watched mostly order B, because, you know, I’m me. I like getting backstory last. But it’s really up to you what order you find most interesting. If you start one and get bored, you can always try another. Once you get into it, it’s super engaging.

Here’s the link to the playlist on YouTube. It’s also on Netflix. The captions on Youtube are less grammatically correct but more culturally correct. The captions on Netflix are more grammatically correct but less culturally correct. I watched it on YouTube. It wasn’t on Netflix until recently.

Good luck on your CQL journey!! Turn on subtitles!! Come back when your ready to watch Fatal Journey!! 😭 ❤️



5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fandom!—CQL 陈情令 The Untamed Watch Order

  1. This is a really great guide! I watched using watch A and I’m going to watch the special edition first, but in my next rewatch, I’ll be sure to try watch B and C and see how it affects the experience!

    (I’m obsessed lol)

    Love the memes you posted!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! I’m glad you’ll get some use out of it! (It is so hard NOT to be obsessed with CQL, you know?) Also, I love memes 😂 There are so many good CQL memes through Google 😂 That’s how I found these


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