Reverse Harem in Retrospect: Your Posse in Effect (or, “Bishonen Classification within the Reverse Harem Sub-Genre”)

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Let’s be real about it; a self-proclaimed lover of the reverse harem sub-genre, I am not blinded to its faults. In fact, I was suprised when—in conversation with my friend, Chronic—he said something I found quite odd as I guided him through his initial exposure to Hiiro no Kakera (and, continuingly, reverse harem in general). One of my biggest critiques of the reverse harem sub-genre has been that, all too often, its female main characters are written as bland and unimaginative, furthering their purposes as effective means of self insertion. However, Chronic said that he found said leading ladies to have more personality and…spunk?…than their counterparts in other genres. (This makes me very concerned about the narrative quality of his moe preferences, but I digress.) It was in the context of this same discussion upon which today’s point of interest was stumbled. If the point of moe is to make one go…

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