Deus ex Machina and Original Sin: a “Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth” Otome Review

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“This is a sad story— a story about a man who came to be consumed by fate.”

“You will lead the people from God’s cradle to the expanse of world knowledge.”

“God is going to consume me.”

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[Please note that this review will be spoiler-free until a specified point (character route commentary), at which time I will offer the option of skipping to spoiler-free content via jump link.]

Plot Synopsis:

Cardia is a girl without a past. Suffering absentee memories and skin excreting an unknown but deadly poison, she awaits the return of a man she fleetingly recalls to be “Father.” The man she would later know as Mr. Issac Bedford left very specific—if half-remembered—instructions: she must not leave the mansion, and she must never know love. Regarding the first, she has yet to understand (or attempt to grasp) his greater machinations, and regarding the latter…well…


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