Favorite Friendship (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 5)

I really like the friendship between the “junior quartet,” whose members include Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Jin Ling, and Ouyang Zizhen.

You’ll often hear jokes about them sharing a brain cell, but the truth of the matter is, this posse is a forever bestie squad. They balance and compliment each other brilliantly. You have in the order they appear in this picture:

Jin Ling, a good kid who is kind of a brat/hot head and doesn’t know how to articulate his feelings (*cough cough* Thanks, Uncle Jiang, *cough cough*),

Sizhui, the composed, filial son with a sweet and gentle disposition with a mysterious past,

Jingyi, who is the un-Lan-iest Lan to ever Lan (I can’t take credit for that since I know I read it somewhere, but basically it means that he’s not afriad to say what he thinks and he’s a bit brash.),

and Zizhen, who is often left out when the group is referred to as the “junior trio” because he gets less screen time but is no less of an awesome character in that he laughs with Jingyi, is capable of thinking rationally like Sizhui, and is committed to forming his own judgments about people and the world in spite of his minor-sect leader father’s influence.

If this doesn’t make you want to watch “The Untamed” (CQL) which is available legally on YouTube AND on Netflix…

…well, maybe day 7 will!

Until then, stay safe.


Shojo ❤


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