NOTP (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 4)

It’s not technically incest, but it’s still so very wrong.

*The usual disclaimer applies; I’m pants at “favorites.” Please just assume that, sometimes, my “favorites” are simply one of a few (or even several) options that I may like.
*Further disclaimer applies: If you don’t know what CQL is, please watch this and educate yourself because it’s glorious. And it has English subtitles.
Seriously, check it out. I’m so in love with it.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian are brothers in all but blood, the Jiang Clan having taken in Wei Wuxian as a child. Jiang Cheng loves Wei Wuxian as his brother, and Wei Wuxian feels the same. Still, there are people who ship them. Seriously. Like… I get that you appreciate Jiang Cheng’s character (I do, too!), and I get that you appreciate Wei Wuxian (And really, who doesn’t?), but you can appreciate them separately, you know?

You don’t need to ship brothers. Just… stop. Their relationship as brothers is incredibly complicated and deeply interwoven into who they are. That’s enough. It’s not less than a romantic relationship would be. It’s just different. Leave it be.

Also, people keep acting like Jiang Cheng is gay. He’s not gay. He crushes so hard on Wen Qing. SO HARD. I JUST WANTED GOOD THINGS FOR THEM.

Please love the Yumengbros, hug out your problems, and take care of yourselves, readers. I’m having so much fun with these short posts.

Also, I can’t change my featured images. Someone please help me! 。・゚(゚><゚)゚・。


Shoujo ❤


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