Least Favorite Character (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 2)

This prompt wasn’t hard at all.

*The usual disclaimer applies; I’m pants at “favorites.” Please just assume that, sometimes, my “favorites” are simply one of a few (or even several) options that I may like.
*Further disclaimer applies: If you don’t know what CQL is, please watch this and educate yourself because it’s glorious. And it has English subtitles.
Seriously, check it out. I’m so in love with it.

My least favorite character from CQL is Wen Chao. He’s a power-hungry doofus riding on the coat tails of stronger men, and I’m not here for it. He is cruel, unreasonably arrogant, inept, and frankly, an all-around jerk.

He pretends he’s strong and brave, but in reality, he’s a selfish coward who cares only for himself. He plays with women before tiring of them and throwing them away. He’d do anything and hurt anyone to save his own life.

He does so much harm, and the actor who played him–He Peng–did very well portraying him!

Let me know below if I have you curious yet. Wanna watch CQL?? Also, I changed up the blog layout. You like it? (^-^)-?

Drink water. Go for a walk if it’s safe to do so. Dance in your living room.


Shoujo ❤


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