Mystic Messenger Hell (707’s route—day 9)

Dear Anime Compatriots.

After all this talk of babies, if there isn’t some REAL BABY ACTION in the epilogue, I’m going to be so disappointed…

Then the MC has an option to say “You can make a family. I’m right here.” If you think I picked that option, your darn right!!!
They’re gonna start a family 😭

Today I learned so much, and without getting into too many spoilers, let’s just say…

Oh, who am I kidding.

Spoilers from this point!

Rika is involved with the cult, Rika is involved with the cult, RIKA IS INVOLVED WITH THE CULT! I knew it!!!

What have I been saying for the past two-three walkthroughs?? Yasssssss! Confirmation!

Anyway, Seven has lost all trust in V, and honestly, fair. Like, can you blame the guy after everything that’s happened? No way.

I get the feeling that V might actually be a member of the cult, too, rather than trying just to cover up that Rika is involved with it, but I suppose time will tell. I bet you that’s why the extra routes are grouped the way they are (Seven’s brother and V): you’re playing on the cult’s team.

Also, can we talk about how Luciel is Seven’s confirmation name? Because I knew he was catholic and involved in the church, and with his backstory, I SO called it. Honestly. I was 100% aware of that tidbit.

And now, on to the screen grabs!

So, I have to wonder, how old is V?

V is daddy? Oh, wow. Brain, you’ve spent too long on the Internet. Can you not? Also, baby Seven is SO CUTE. 😭

Seven has had it up to here *raises hand above head* with V’s shenanigans.

Forceful Seven is oddly sexy. (O_O) I’ll admit it. (*^^*)
Yes, assertive Seven, yes. Tell them and LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Also, Seven’s love of God just SENDS ME. (Did I use that terminology right?) My Catholic boy. Christian boy. Like, my heart is ready for launch in T-10…9…8…

If God allows… 😭 💗 💗

This Christian family man traumatized bad boy goofball is TOO MUCH FOR ME. I LOVE IT.

I accidentally slept through two chats last night, so I bought them with hourglasses in the morning. One more chat today and I’m off to sleep for bit!

Seven x MC foreverrrr~

With Love from Mystic Messenger Hell,

Shoujo 🌸

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