Mystic Messenger Hell (707’s route—days 6, 7, & 8)

Dear Anime Compatriots,

This very tired blog post is full of potential spoilers. Please turn back if you are worried.

Okay, so Seven and his twin brother grow up in this super repressed household. Seven’s brother is Mama’s favorite, and Seven is often sent out on errands. Seven is learning about computers in secret so he can get a good job and both he and his brother can escape their life. He meets V through the church that eventually proves to be a sanctuary for Seven, hence his very real belief in God.

Seven’s brother joins a cult somewhere down the line. He thinks he is a good guy. Something happens wherein, before she “dies/commits suicide,” Rika (who I think may currently be the Magenta cult’s secret leader and not really dead and V KNOWS this…) reassures Seven that his brother is okay. Seven had to leave him for some reason. I don’t yet know why. Anyway, when Seven’s cult-y brother tires to kidnap the MC, Seven is shocked to say the least. Hasn’t seen his brother in years, it seems. And now the RFA have to deal with all this drama.

Rika is not dead. I’m almost 100% positive. And V KNOWS she’s not dead. I think Rika kinda totally lost it and became a “Savior” cult leader and also was the one who injured V, who is going blind.

And those are my spoilers for tonight, please and thank you.

Now, on to my screenshot collection!

Only Seven would design a dog robot like this.

It makes so sense,and I love it.

Zen is catching on?

I’m not the only one saying it anymore.

Zen is still just as protective as he is in the other routes, and he’s mighty upset that MC is alone with Seven.

Would it be better if she were a duck or something?
I know it’s bad, and I think it’s just because it’s SO taboo in my circles and I never, ever hear it, but anytime a character uses Jesus’s name as an expletive, I laugh. I don’t mean to. I REALLY don’t. I feel so bad about to, but I do! I think it’s the shock of it? I’m so not expecting it. And then it’s there. And I have a laughing reaction to the shock?
Like her virginity. That’s what he means.

Seven is playing hard to get. No, I’m kidding. But he is rejecting MC to keep her safe. He kinda loathes himself.

Dang, son.

Zen still makes me feel some kinda way with his protective nature.

Just… yes. *swoon*
*more swoon* He’s so angry about it…

Yoosung is ready to throw down for once.

Fite me.

People are realizing that Rika isn’t who they thought she was.

Yes, she would.
I don’t really like her.

And Jumin’s getting in on the “protect the MC” action:

😭 But I played your route and your totally insane. 😭 whyyyy you gotta be so cute about this???

One more chat in about 20 minutes, and then it’s on to day nine. I’m so sleepy. I combined days 6-8 into one post because I’ve been so tired and unmotivated to do more than I have to for work and school. This pandemic stress is killer. I’m sure you all fee the same. I hope to do better timing my next update. I am truly enjoying the game, though!

With love from Mystic Messenger Hell,

Shoujo 🌸

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