FanFiction Friday 3/13/20 —

Featured Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi (MDZS), AKA “The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” & “The Untamed (CQL)”

Title – I love you (Lan style)

Author – thejademare

Stats – 1 Chapter, Completed 2/29/20

Author’s Synopsis – “Since there are not enough whump fics on this here delightful site, I made one. Because sometimes ya just gotta write what ya wanna see. (ok so maybe I tried to get teacup_of_doom to write it first but I suck at being sneaky, so. tadaaa)”

Shoujo’s CommentsThat plot synopsis provided NOTHING, and I’m not sure what “whump” is, but I found this fic while searching for another I’d previously read to feature, and it was PURE hurt/comfort. I’m hurt/comfort trash (am I behind the internet times to use that term?), so I couldn’t resist featuring it. Lan Zhan has found Wei Ying and the Jiang siblings on their boat after the burning of Lotus Pier. Wei Ying is ridiculously injured. His siblings have no idea how bad off he is. It’s only 1/1 chapter, but I’m hoping that was a mistake, because I’m down for some gratuitous hurt comfort if you guys are, and it left off at a point that suggested continuation.

Smoldering pillars reach towards the sky, gnarled fingers begging for mercy. He shakes his head, dashing the traitorous thoughts from his head. No. Wei Ying and his brother and sister cannot be dead. Are not dead.


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