“Beneath the Sun, do hearts endure?” –CMV/AMV Saturday 3/7/20

The hauntingly beautiful lyrics sung by Robyn Ardery as written by Mimi-des (@mcarol85) serve as an English cover of Mo Dao Zu Shi’s OP, here titled “Drunken Dreams of the Past.” They tell the entire story of MDZS for those who are familiar with the plot, and aside from how beautiful it sounds on it’s most basic level, that’s one more reason that I felt the need to feature this AMV; how often does one find this sort of story telling within the limits presented by the existing music?

It’s such a powerful motivator to watch the series, giving away PLENTY to those who know the story already without spoiling the plot for those who are less familiar. It’s mesmerizing across levels (singing, writing, clips).

If you enjoy it as much as I do, please give the creators love, and tell them Shoujo sent you. ❤

Beneath the Sun, do hearts endure?/ The rhythm, their beating, unsure/ To want, to follow, selfless strums are heard/ In the silence, a dream comes undone/ But despite the doubts and against all odds/ This someone, plays the flute/ And still, the truth is unclear/ Yet the tune he plays, of the night in caves/ Reveals to one, his fantasy is alive/ The dream unfurls

-Mimi-des (@mcarol85)


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