“Gay guys who aren’t really gay but are,” or “This rice cooker is so simple to use…I can’t mess it up!”

When you’re reading this*, I’ll be back at work. It will be my first day back after the new year, in fact! Am I ready to return? No. Am I hopeful for a good semester? Yes. I’ll also be returning to school to finish the last few classes that my injury in late 2018 and subsequent 2019 recovery prevented me from finishing. (I’m also going to have to take another elective to earn my certificate because even though I have a BA already, colleges are money and time grubbing. I’m not bitter at all.) So, it will be a busy time, to be sure. But I’m glad to be alive, aren’t you? That’s something.

Now that I’m done being dramatic about the impending trials and tribulations of higher education, I’ll move on to more joyful things; I am the proud owner of a rice cooker, and I could not be more thrilled about it. I’ve been using it fairly regularly since receiving it as a Christmas gift; I really like rice, but I’m pants at cooking it. This rice cooker is so simple to use and to wash. I can’t mess it up!

And that’s my life. It’s super dull, and yet I’m filled with anxiety nearly every minute. It occurred to me that I didn’t watch very much anime at all the last 6 months. Well, let me clarify. I didn’t watch much NEW anime. I’ve re-watched a lot of things, but the seasonal offerings lately haven’t spoken much to me, and that’s alright. I’m still OBSESSED with the MDZS-inspired webseries “The Untamed,” and I watch it basically every single day. Husband refers to them as gay guys who aren’t really gay but are. And… he’s not wrong?? Like, they so are (clarification: Wei Ying is Zhan-sexual and I will die on this hill), but… censorship. I could blog about it forever, but it’s not really anime, so… Should I? Should I ramble? Should I??

We’ll see, I guess. (I probably will.)

Anyway, after I finish this update, I’m off to work to prep for the upcoming semester. I can do dis!! (And if you’re going back to school, so can you!!!)


Shoujo ❤

*Even though the words are slightly different, I can’t help but think of the song below, so now I’m sad, but I’m not as anxious. Is that a win? No, but seriously. This song. </3

4 thoughts on ““Gay guys who aren’t really gay but are,” or “This rice cooker is so simple to use…I can’t mess it up!”

  1. I love rice too but I’m trying to let it go since I’m trying to lose weight 😆😭 and SAME I only rewatched stuff last year rip good luck with your classes and work and at least you’re all healed up now right? One step at a time 🙂

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    1. I mean, I’m about as healed as I’m going to get, which TBH I’m so glad for. (^▽^) And yes, one step at a time!!

      Also, you know what? FRUITS BASKET IS COMING!


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