Feature an Overrated Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 27)

There are a lot of overrated characters, in my opinion. For me, a lot of them are shonen protagonists, but who am I to judge a character as overrated when someone else might sincerely like them? If I am to, can I list a show instead? If so, “Inuyasha: Feudal Fairy Tale” is overrated because I can’t make it through the first two episodes. And, on top of that, the romance between him and Kagome is insanely sub-par compared to most of the (admittedly, romance) shows that I watch, so…

Yeah. I feel bad saying it since I don’t know the whole show, but I guess Inuyasha by default. I’m sorry, guys. It’s not for me. But if the MC is cool, more power to him. I’m just bad at this prompt, and that’s all there is too it. But if you like it…

This is so short, but I just don’t like calling things that people like overrated.


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