Feature the Best Dancer (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 23)

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.



Oh. Wow. Okay, here we are.

I am bound and determined to get this challenge—one which I started in OCTOBER 2017—finished before the end of this year. To do otherwise would simply be shameful. (Who am I kidding? It’s already pretty shameful.) However, this topic proves difficult if I am to pick a favorite. Instead, I’ll select someone who dances well, but perhaps is not one I’d call my favorite simply because there are so many to pick from. THE CHOICES ARE TOO MANY!

And even having said that, I’m going to pick a group instead of an individual.

Gotta go with the classic. It just makes me so happy.

In fact, Starish in general just makes me so happy. This post will attest.

So, tell me: who do you think is the best dancer in anime? Lemme know in the comments below!

Peace and geese!


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