I’m Finally Taking the Leap! Shoujo’s Voice Acting Commissions are OPEN

I’m getting bold, dear readers. Life’s too short to not take a leap when given the chance, and getting hurt taught me I shouldn’t wait around for “someday” when today is perfectly good!

I’ve been told by various people at work and in my personal life, “You should narrate audiobooks!” or “You should work for Disney!” I’ve done a bit of narration and acting in my real life which received gracious feedback, and while I can’t tell you how happy those comments made me, I know I’m not in a position to throw myself into seeking fulltime VA work. I’m also not a professional by any standard. It’s an occupation that takes dedication, practice, and a good deal of risk. However, none of that means I can’t take this thing I love to do and turn it into an awesome side gig/hobby. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I even made a portfolio webpage (under my real name) for if I ever worked up the nerve to pursue anything.

I guess every pipe dream needs a first step, so this is mine.

I don’t have a great setup at present (as you can probably tell from the audio quality of this reel), but I’m willing and able to upgrade if this sort of thing takes off for me. I truly think it would be great fun to voice indie otome/visual novels, for example, or narrate audiobooks. Even audio fanfiction (podfics) could be such a cool experience! I’m making my interest known in hopes that, if any of you like my short reel and happen to stumble across any projects, you’ll send me their way or vice versa! I’m ready for action, as it were!

Please take a moment to listen to my reel, if you’re interested. I’ll keep practicing as I have been, and I hope to continue improving with time and (hopefully!) experience. ❤

(And, if you’re missing my anime content, no worries! I have a new post coming next week, so please stay tuned!)



VA contact: shojothoughts@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “I’m Finally Taking the Leap! Shoujo’s Voice Acting Commissions are OPEN

      1. You are very welcome, and it’s well deserved:) Sorry for the late reply…it’s been a bit of a rough year for me, which is why I have been away from WordPress for a while. I hope to do an update soon:)

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      2. Sorry for replying so late…I have been out of it for almost two months, and things are still not well on my end. That said, I wanted to take the opportunity today to check in, and publish something fun which I did. I hope things are good on your end 🙂

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