Twitter Wasn’t Long Enough for my Random, Sleepy Stream of Consciousness

Don’t dye your hair in the shower in the dark when you should have been asleep hours ago. You will have to bleach your floor. It is not pretty.

But I hope my hair looks dope cause I won’t see it in the light until morning.

…I need to sleep more.

Continuing on from that, haha. I don’t know. I’m just tired. I took any strongest (not strong NEST, autocorrect) … dang it. Hold on. I took MY strongest pain killer and put on the Biofreeze, and now I’m just waiting for the former to kick in so I can sleep finally yaaaaaaay

Yeah. I dunno. Night all.

Or not. One more thing. Husband has the cutest little snore. I just wanna be with him forever and ever and ever.

Cause I love him to pieces and he’s the favorite.

Now good night.

and I hate bleach

He. Love to you in the blogosphere 🙂 Hugs and ducks!

Chronic pains a b-word.

But I talked to my Dad about it and now I feel better maybe.

So tired

It’s been a little while since I slept good and it feels like 2 AM instead of 11 PM, but tonight’s the night. Just wait. Those painkillers. Soon. I think. I don’t like to take them so I hardly EVER do, but sometimes you just need a good sleep and relief is the best way to do it.

Sorry this was random pls don’t unfollow me dear readers. So sleepy. Gonna cuddle. Gnight. ❤ ❤ Pls pray for your friends and also strangers ❤

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