“Don’t you wanna get away?” — CMV/AMV Saturday 7/6/19

It’s probably not a secret that I enjoy music from “The Greatest Showman,” but seeing this particular song applied to Ouran High School Host Club is something else entirely. BecauseImBored1 did an excellent job using “The Other Side” to tell a very accurate story.

In the first part of the song, Tamaki is talking to each host individually (well, except the twins, but I digress). He’s saying, “Don’t you want to get away from the same old parts you gotta play?” to Honey as he struggles against being himself. He says it to the twins that they can “stay in the cage” of their own twin-centric world or they can take the key he offers and join him. Each of them can be free to fly.

But then Kyoya happens. Kyoya, whose family keeps him bound. Kyoya, who enjoys his creature comforts. Kyoya responds to Tamaki. He says that the sacrifice to visit the other side would be much too great, that he would lose his respected position, and that Tamaki is free to be himself, but Kyoya will continue on his expected path.

But then we see how deeply Tamaki has impacted Kyoya. He has influenced him to become greater than the frame into which he was painted. He said it was worth the risk. He said that he knew Kyoya wasn’t really happy. He invites him in again, and Kyoya is moved by Tamaki’s promise of freedom. There’s beauty in that freedom.

The end money matters clinches it (because hello, it’s Kyoya) and they continue the endeavor together, Mommy and Daddy of the Host Club. It’s surprisingly emotional, in all honesty, and very well put together. The scenes fit the song nicely to create a narrative.

But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little
Just let me give you the freedom to dream 
And it’ll wake you up and cure your aching
Take your walls and start ’em breaking
Now that’s a deal that seems worth taking
But I guess I’ll leave that up to you

-The Other Side, Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman

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~Shoujo ❤

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