Fanfiction Friday 7/5/19 — “Would you like to marry me?”



An Unexpected Life

“Hakuouki” — COMPLETED AS OF 6/23/19; 1 CHAPTER

  • “‘Hijikata won’t die, even if you kill him.’ Yukimura Chizuru really believed that. So she is unprepared to face reality when the worst does happen. But she never expected that Saito Hajime would be the one to pick up the pieces of her broken life.”
  • If memory serves, I first read this fic a very long time ago on before it migrated to my now preferred site, Ao3. It’s a moving story that doesn’t force anything, and it lends itself as a fairly realistic depiction of what would have happened if Hijikata passed on at the end of his route. Chizuru loves him desperately, and, having consummated that love, now she has to try and make her way alone in a world that looks at a woman in her now rather delicate situation with unforgiving eyes. Luckily, the ever dutiful Saito and she stumble across each other and begin traveling together. Over the course of the next few years, things will change dramatically for the two of them; both old and new friends show up along with way. 

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