Fanfiction Friday 6/28/19 — “What’s wrong with ME? …I wish I knew.”




  • “Roy gets a little too close to realizing the Homunculi’s plot thanks to being in the wrong place at the right time. Naturally, they have no choice but to remove him from the picture. (Updates mostly daily)”
  • I’ve read this story twice. I don’t know if it’s outdated to call one’s self “trash” because I’m not hip with the kids, but I’m total comfort-hurt/angst trash, so I love this fic. It all comes down to the aftereffects of torture and recovery for all parties involved, especially Roy. The story is dark; it’s violent, but not explicit. Roy gets hurt in some of the most awful ways imaginable, and he’s lost touch with reality. Ed/Maes (I love Maes.) have to step in and help in what ways they can.  Ed is also dealing with (surprise, surprise) guilt over the situation. The whole thing boils down into a stew of third-person subjective perspectives that each convey their character’s mental states, anguished or otherwise, in a poignent but straightforward fashion. I highly recommend. 10/10, would read again (and probably will).

Love some love when you read, and tell your authors Shoujo sent you. ❤


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