Tipsy Takes — Karnaval, dub

(A/N: Coherent conclusion added in the final segment.)

As the title suggests, I’ve been drinking. Having said that, the pink-haired guy is super hot, just saying. I shouldn’t say “saying” twice in the same sentence. And I ove spell check. Love. Not ove.

Anyway, I’ve been watching Karnaval. First off, the names acting in this. I’ve heard Chris Ayers; I’ve heard Sean Michael Taegue. I’ve heard J. Michael Tatum. I’ve heard David Matranga. I’ve heard Ian Sinclair. Heck, I even heard Brittney Karbowski at one point. (Yo, where my Hakuouki fans attt???) The delivery is on point, and the characters are well cast. Hearing Ayres voice a character outside of his susual zone is pretty interesting. We’re talking more a Mahiro/Heisuke than a Shion/Clear, and I love it. I mean, I enjoy most if not all of the roles I’ve heard him in to be frank. And then I heard Vic Mignogna as Karouku and it brough that whole can of worms back so WHY you gotta be doing innapropriate things, Vic?? I used to look up to you but that ship has sailed.

Okay, so yeah, the voices rock. (WHy is my husband just standing in the kitchen. What’s going on over there?) VIsually, this show is beautiful. Honest, I love the colors and shading. I love Nai’s two-tone hair cause I also have two-tone anime character hair.  And speaking of Nai, he’s SO STINKING CUTE. Like, honestly. That boy is so cute. But he’s also a rabbittttt; I just wanna hug him. And the rest of the cast isn’t slouching either. Gareki is a bad ass who secretly needs a hug. Poor child. And the magician air ship leaders are also hot. So, you know. Win win win. (Now husband is petting the cat. What is going on over there and should I join in??)

Not everything in this anime is super well-explained. Like, Yogi’s “allergy” is kinda glossed over and why anyone wants Nai is questionable even until episode 12—when I’m writing this portion, incidentally—so I don’t really appreciate the plot holes even though they don’t ruin the anime. It has a lot of potential to be better if they can expand with a remake or a season 2. IS this a manga?

Every time you drink 2 galsses of wine, drink a bottle of water. I am learning this today. Cause you’re gonna get a headache. Look, I’m imparting knoweldge.

Anyway, when it started, I kinda thought it was gonna have BL undertones, but then I realized that Nai was a literal child, and I was really realeved that Gareki is just like a brother to him. Thank goodness. I started watching Pandora HEarts before I branched off into this, and I’m liking this a lot more. Everyone just wants to take care of child-rabbit Nai. Can I help?

It’s just so pretty to look at. I’m about.

There are no ships in this show. Seriously, nada. Except I kinda ship that Jiki guy with the glasses with the cranky curly haired lutenent gitl whos nake (i tried typing that word like four times and I vie up now) I can’t remember. Na,e NAME i can’t remember. THere we go. I’m probably not supposed to, but I do. Maybe they’re siblings, cause I could get behind that too, but I’d prefer they are not so I can ship them. Yes

Okay, I’m gonna go watch the last few epusodes and finish up my review then BRBBBBB

I had to jump back in and say that Akari the pink haired hot doctor is such an impish bastard but i still love himm okay back to the show

Forgive my cursing okya back to the show again

Josei is so fun because they characterize characters like real people instead of like steriotypes or ideals and i think thats super cool. Like they say real people things that those people would. Like “Grow a pair” or something equally crass.

Oh, yeah. This is a manga. I had forgotten.

Okay, so I’m finishing this post completely sober and two days later. I had places to be and was only able to finish the final episode after several hours had passed. (Don’t worry; Husband did the driving and nothing I did required concentration. It was all quite safe and undisruptive to the general populous.) I’m a huge light-weight and, having re-read this, I question whether I should post it at all. I began writing this because I thought maybe it would help me over my “plague” hurdle. I thought perhaps I was trying too hard to organize my thoughts and that, if I just let them run freely, I might be able to produce some content. Well, I did let them run, and it DID produce content, though perhaps not the most coherent. In fact, I feel like one can probably track the descent through my third glass of wine, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Summing up my thoughts on Karnaval, I’d have to say that I enjoyed it, but it had a lot of unrealized potential. I believe it was a manga-bait title, and it has succeeded because I do feel like I’m going to check out the manga next for more/more detailed content. It also suffered from “save any and all answers until the end” syndrome, but I can’t fault it. I enjoy this josei title because the characters felt honest, characteristically speaking. The cast spoke in real ways to each other, and the characters weren’t idealized. Also, in josei, things don’t always work out, because that’s life. Shoujo hasn’t realized that yet, but her big sister knows all too well.

He just needs some emotional support, guys.

I’d say it’s worth a watch, but don’t pin all your hopes on it for “anime of the year” or what have you. I enjoyed it and so, for me, I felt it time well spent.

And guys, I think I might have beat the plague?

Please excuse any less-than-polite language I may have used in my inhibition.


Until I write again,

Shoujo 🌸

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