CBD and Therapy(ies) for Me

So. Things are happening. Let me keep you updated.

I know I haven’t said much about my health since I herniated my back, except that things have been difficult. Vague allusions are vague. But I plan to clear just a bit of that up today.

Just a bit. But before that, news.

Firstly, I tried CBD oil today as a treatment option for chronic pain and anxiety. I sincerely hope it works miracles. That would be very nice. The tincture tasted like butt. Honestly, it was awful. But if it works, I sure won’t complain. I guess I’ll keep you updated on that process so you know if CBD oil is something you’d like to try, too. (I’m not a doctor or anything, and I asked mine before I started this little adventure, so you should, too.) I took mine under the tongue, but there are other ways to ingest or apply it depending on your needs.

Secondly, I’m going back to my counselor tomorrow. I dropped off the map for a while because work got busy and then my anxiety and misplaced guilt wouldn’t let me go back. But I did it. I scheduled. I also scheduled more PT which I should have been doing for like 2 months but for reasons similar to those above my brain wasn’t letting me do my best for me. So there’s that, too.

I’m seeing a specialist in chronic pain management, but I won’t get there for another month, and then they’re probably going to do some genetic testing (yeah, that’s a thing that I didn’t think I’d ever do), but I’m unsure of the timeline on that. Because progress and official diagnoses have been in the air even if symptoms have not, I’ve yet to tell anyone on the blog anything since I herniated my back. I mean, I want my information to be accurate. But I CAN say that I have a few more bulging discs in my neck that are comparably mild, unpleasant stuff going on with my various joins, severe chest pain that hasn’t been diagnosed just yet, and deep muscle stiffness/aches because they’re trying very hard to hold me together. I’ve also been struggling with daily headaches, anxiety which has peaked because of pain (yay anxiety attacks yay), and uninterrupted tinnitus.

I am always very tired. 💤

Things have been hard; I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m doing very well. I’m not exaggerating when I say 26 has been a hellacious year. Unexpectedly so. I was always healthy before. I’ve taken more trips to hospitals this year than I have in probably my whole life. I didn’t expect this.

But I can walk; I was able to finish out this semester of work after being off so long. Metholatum and noise machines exist. My hair is burgundy tipped. So bright sides. Yes. Very bright sides. I’m trying hard to stay positive. And it is hard. And sometimes I feel like a weak person. But there it is. I’m trying.

Anyway, I might start a new Mystic Messenger route tomorrow. I REALLY want to play. But I’m supposed to get good rest and stuff. So. You know. Decisions. You’ll know if I do.

And I’m getting hearing aids. Which as hella expensive. RIP my wallet.

I’m gonna rest now and maybe take some Tylenol. Until I ramble next, keep on keeping on. I hope each and every one of you are well.

Love, Shoujo 🌸

7 thoughts on “CBD and Therapy(ies) for Me

    1. I realized that I’m going through something that gets overwhelming at times, but I was never very clear about it. I wanted to be upfront so people know a bit about what’s up. Sometimes vague “I’m upset” vibes seep into my tweets late at night. Σ(゚д゚lll)
      And thank you (^-^)

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  1. Best wishes to you, will keep you in my prayers.

    I know someone who gets really bad tinnitus due to a chronic neck problem, and she gets acupuncture for it. Apparently it makes a huge difference. Not sure if you’ve ever looked into something like that, but if your tinnitus gets so bad it becomes hard to hear or sleep it’s an option you could consider.

    God bless.

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