“I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary

I have the plague. I don’t know when it happened—if it was slow in coming or began all at once—but I have it, and I’m looking for a cure.

An amazing someone tried their best to cure me, and their medical expertise was unparalleled in its individuality (the usage of ducks was very inventive, for example), but even though they offered me a glass jewel and pronounced me cured with a sticker (was so enchanted by this that I almost cried, I exaggerate not.), I think the plague stuck around. I don’t blame them, though. They tried their best. I have that glass jewel in my pocket to this day.


It’s gotten so bad that I can’t finish any of the 51 drafts on my computer. That’s a shame, because I had so many seemingly decent ideas that won’t come to fruition. At least not now. Anyway, I can’t finish the “Dragon Ball Z as a Shoujo” parody post I began working on forever ago, and that seemed like it could be entertaining, but I just can’t. I don’t know why this plague won’t leave me. Like I said, it’s May, and the plague has been lingering for a while indeed. So I’ll show you a set of some cosplayers I really like from that title instead. I ran across the same group last year; stand up looks, guys.

Chronic and I focused this time on voice actor panels that described what it’s like to work in the industry. The things I learned could spawn a post all their own if it wasn’t for this sickness, so I’ll instead say here that it’s made me really reconsider how much I want to do voiceover work. I’m not saying I DON’T still think it would be interesting, and I have a web portfolio at least fleetingly ready to go, but listening to Cynthia Cranz, Wendy Powell, Patrick Seitz, Terri Doty, and Damian Mills talk about their experiences in and out of the booth was both illuminating and very valuable.

I ran into a white blood cell, and even a boost in immunity didn’t cure me. He is really cool, though, and I’m all about white blood cells even though I haven’t seen the anime just because, I mean, look at them. So badass. I digress.

Still, I have the plague. I need a hero, you say? Perhaps I would have thought that, but even heroes fail to save me thus far. The mysterious Tokoyami and his powerful shadow are intimidating to any reasonably physical foe, but those that are microscopic? Not so much. I got this picture, but I didn’t seek his aid. Maybe next time.

I did find some relief in Artists’ Ally through a very soft little fruit bat (a banana or “batnana,” if you will) that has since come home with me. He is excellent to cuddle and made with love by an artist’s own hands. If I can gain some repose and support a creator at the same time, I’m about it.

There was also an enlightening and frankly hilarious panel on “Hot Dads of Anime,” and now I have some new titles to watch because they looked SO cool, guys. If only this plague will let me write about them…

Anyway, it distinctly did NOT help that I was touched during the “Name that Anime Tune” panel and had to escape. Until then, the panel seemed like it would have been fun, though. Try and stay with friends, guys.

I wasn’t going to write about that. I really wasn’t. I guess it’s still really bothering me, though? I don’t understand. Or maybe it’s the plague making me emotional.

Don’t answer that. Don’t.

I need to bring the post back up again. How, you ask? The best way I know how: my child, the baby Muffin. ❤ ❤ ❤


Look at that sweet child enjoying her meal. Look at her. I swear, I’m so blessed. She’s so precious. My beebee kitty. ❤ ❤ ❤ YET, EVEN SHE CANNOT CURE THE PLAGUE. D:

And that’s it, friends. If you know an herbalist that can cure me, do let me know, but I think that time might be the only answer.

Until I recover,

Shoujo ❤ ❤ ❤

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I should write a post about how big of a problem con harassment can be. I really should. I know I’m not the only one. ❤

One thought on ““I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary

  1. Hey muffin 😃. Good post shoujo, a good read. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing VO works as well. There is another blogger I know that does fan dub VA. That industry is quite interesting. Hope you get well soon too.

    Also that dB parody 😂

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