“Why is there a costume party under my basement?” — “Devils and Realist” Watch Along episode 1 (dub)

My new HiDive subscription is proving quite useful. I finished No. 6 today (It’s great, and I need to write about it.), so I started watching Devils and Realist, you guessed it, on a whim. I didn’t quite know what to expect, and I almost clicked away rather rapidly but then the art won over my heart so I decided to stick around. While I didn’t intend to write a watch along, it kind of just happened when I realized this was a show that would cause me to exclaim a great many things aloud. Thus, I wrote them down and, following that, copied them here for your perusal. We begin…

EP. 1 DEVIL & REALIST————————–

  • Oh, wow. Already. That blush. You can almost hear it: “Kevin, I love you!”
  • Just a little scrape. Just enough to summon a demon. No big deal.
  • Called it!
  • “Grand Duke of Hell!” lolololol XD
  • “Is that from the New Testament?” Oh, my gosh, boy… learn your Bible. Trust me, you need it.
  • Young Master: “Don’t mind me, just throwing a shoe at the Great Duke of Hell.”
  • I read the “What kind of trick…” subtitle as “What kind of fu**…” for reasons I can’t explain, and as much as I feel bad about it, it was admittedly jarringly funny.

(—————————————————Brief Intermission as I dawn a pink shower cap for no good or even discernable reason————————————————————————)

  • He’s like “A GOAT???” lololola goat.png
  • “Why is there a costume party under my basement?” Boy, come on now…
  • “that costumed buffoon…” NEWEST CREATIVE INSULT.
  • Demon be like, “I’m pulling a Sauske, brb.”
  • And again, “costumed fool.” I approve. We’re gonna use this, everyone.
  • Gotta be honest with you guys; just watching the goat butler talk is so disconcerting.
  • “a new kind of terrorist??” I’m crying, brb.
  • “Demons don’t–” BOOM!
  • … … … burning a virgin… … …?
  • ????
  • I guess…. hide your virgins???
  • I can’t wait to watch this literal demon fall in love with this human who thinks he’s dreaming during a literal DEMON BATTLE.
  • Oh, look, the demon was once a human and a mass murderer to boot. Looks like he’s not husbando material, guys.
  • And young master still cares more about school than anything else even while faced with the prospect of literally being STUCK IN HELL.
  • If you’re going to kick each other’s butts, SEND ME HOME FIRST!!send me home first.png
  • Conveniently more than human, I see.
  • Looks like the young master was Solomon in a past life and the demon loves him. I’M FINE. I’M FINE, GUYS.you are
  • And now we’re back to the real world. Don’t you dare be his teacher, grand duke…
  • Oh, thank g—- OKAY HE’S A STUDENT.
  • “Dante Huber desu.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

How is it possible that I still don’t remember the two main characters real names by the end of this first episode? Like, I don’t have a clue. I guess that means I have to move on to episode 2.

Oh, wait. His name is Dante. They just said that. Lol.

Until then,
Love, Peace, Geese,

~Shoujo ❤

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