It’s the reverse harem, shoujo version of “Library Wars,” and I love it. — thoughts on “Nil Admirari no Tenbin” (sub)

(Edit: Audio fixed.)

WAIT! This is a recording, but please don’t click away if they aren’t normally your thing!!

I think I may have actually hit a stride! (WHAT?? ME?? NO WAY! Well, give it a minute first…) I recorded this a few days ago when I was having some trouble with my wrists and was feeling a bit blue because I had so much I wanted to convey about Nil Admirari no Tenbin and found myself frustrated by my own limitations. When I couldn’t type, though, I decided to speak about it.

From now on, any solo podcasts I produce will follow a more casual flow like this and will focus on a single topic or show instead of bouncing all over the place. The length is also shorter, and I feel like that makes it more accessible.

Even if podcasts are not your thing, I do REALLY hope you’ll give it a listen because I have SO much I want to share about this title and about the otome-based reverse harem subgenre in general.

And so, here it is!

ALSO! If you’re interested in that AMV I mention at the beginning of the podcast, here it is below:

Do you have anything to share on Nil Admirari no Tenbin or the otome-based reverse harem subgenre? Also, can you teach me how to pronounce “Nil Admirari?” Let me know in the comments below, and have a good one, guys.



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