God Loves You, Even if You Watch Anime: A Homily (or, “Street Preachers at the Anime Expo”)

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[I have removed the comment section for this post because sometimes religion makes people salty.]
[Also I am not a pastor or an expert, but I’m just throwing this out there, so there it is. You should take questions to a pastor, again, said expert if one there can be.]

At the Anime Expo this year, men with signs and loud speakers stood outside the convention hall, “preaching.” I assumed–though perhaps I shouldn’t have–that I knew the kind of men that they would be, the “Brother Jed” type of men from my earliest college days who spew the fires of hell from their mouths and bodies, so I did not stop to chat. Maybe they weren’t the “Brother Jed” types, but the King James Bible still erupted from their loudspeakers like a judge laying down the law, and while I’ll not argue that as much isn’t within the preview of…

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