Feature the Best Singer (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 22)

My heart! I finally have a chance to bring up this human and his (literally) magical music again!

Image result for magic kyun renaissance teika

Teika (Magic-Kyun Renaissance!) is too much for me, guys. He can’t be a husbando because he’s a minor, but if you gave his voice to one of his older brothers? Totally husbando material. I mean, look at those older versions of Teika. All man. Now they just need his voice. (CV: 一条寺 帝歌)

Image result for teika ichijouji brothers
Keep your husbandos firmly 18 plus, fellow adult fam.

Give Teika a listen, guys.

“I don’t need any kindness; I won’t stop in any old place, ’cause my wish carries on forever and ever. I won’t fear anything…”

His voice is so emotional that its beauty gets me every time, and that’s why even with all the idol shows out there, I didn’t need to think twice.

If you haven’t seen Magic-Kyun Renaissance! but love LITERAL SHOUJO SPARKLES, I highly recommend you give it a try! If you have seen it, what do you think? Who jumps out at you as an anime character who sings really well?

Welcome to the Madness,


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5 thoughts on “Feature the Best Singer (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 22)

    1. Thank you for letting me know! (Clearly I don’t know Japanese very well. Lol) I will make sure to fix it when I get on my computer.

      And I know, right?? He’s very good!

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