Feature a Fantasy Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 21)

It’s a lot easier to choose a fantasy character that I like than to choose a sci-fi character of whom I’m fond. I think I’ll keep it chill today with my selection, which may have been predictable but is no less worthy of feature.

Sebastian (Black Butler) is a fantastic fantasy character. He’s temptation personified, and like so much evil in the world—like sin—he often comes across as harmless toward his patron until suddenly, he isn’t.

seb and seal



And that’s the idea of insidious sin, right? You’re trapped in the sin before you know it, wondering how you lost control of the situation you thought you had in hand, much like Ciel’s illusion of control over Sebastian which the “forest witch” portion of the manga shows us is really all a farce. It’s like addiction. Sebastian holds the reins of this relationship, and Ciel is quickly being taken in a situation that is sure not to end well. Yet, because Ciel succumbed to the temptation*, he cannot escape and continues to grapple with his illusion of control.

*which the author portrayed for the readers as a handsome demon, though his appeal in this area is lost on Ciel who is tempted by Sebastian’s promise of revenge.

But again, all this hides beneath the harmless veneer of a very capable butler.

This topic deserves a post all its own.

[How can anyone watch this OP and not immediately feel the pull to watch?]

I leave you with a question today, and I do hope you’ll choose to respond. If you don’t like Black Butler, why? I am obviously blinded to its faults, and it’s hard for me to be objective about something of which I am so fond. I may respond to provided opinions and assertions in a future post.


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P.S. I found this image on the internet, and I don’t know what is happening but—

Oh. Wait. I remember this. Never mind.

(I was waiting for a startling character revelation, but that’s okay. I can wait. [I don’t expect it to change my feelings on Sebastian’s character, though.])

Image result for black butler
I dunno, guys. Also, please support the official release? This is a manga totally worth purchasing/renting/borrowing from the library.

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