Russia’s Famous Love Machine – CMV/AMV SATURDAY (10/06/18)

This is just too much for my poor heart to take. I know that the song doesn’t fit exactly, I know it, but it’s been stuck in my head for days now, and the thought of combining Victor Nikiforov with the words “Russia’s Greatest Love Machine” was too much for me to pass up. So, today for your viewing pleasure, I present this AMV by MCRfreak925 set to Ra Ra Rasputin by BONEY M.

I’m a history nerd quite thoroughly educated in the Russian monarchy, so I know that Rasputin and Victor really have nothing in common, but I still have to post it. I have to. It’s a physical and emotional need at this point.

The creator plans to submit this AMV to a contest in November! Why not hop on over to YouTube and give her some encouragement!

To enter the sweepstakes mentioned here, click here. I’ll include this link on all blog posts published between now and the sweepstakes conclusion. 🙂


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