Watch Along- Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 5

Before I get down to this episode, here is a very catchy bongo cat video I saw on Twitter. You’re welcome. 😛

I’ve never heard that song before now, but as both a total history geek, a lover of cats, and an appreciator of memes, this spoke to me. So, now I’m sharing it with you.

“Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s famous love machine?” I just can’t. I laughed so hard over it last night. It’s so good.

Getting back to something (at least temporarily) more coherent, it’s time for episode 5! I’m excited to dive back in and see what’s going to happen next.

(And, yes, Scott, if you’re reading this, I too did not realize how much I would like this show. lol)

  • Ooooo… the time has come?
  • Why is Az the only attractive demon? I mean, demons being attractive makes no sense anyway (unless you’re all about temptation), but if it’s gonna happen, should they not be consistent? Again, it reminds me from the goblins in The Hollow Kingdom.
  • Obnoxious screamo OP? Check.
  • I’d love to see a dub of this.
  • This demon-slave thing is just wrong, and their owner looks like a pimp.
  • Whoa. Mugaro is super powerful. And it looks like those scary demons are going to take their revenge.
  • The special op Black Knights are rocking the Dark Knight charcoal around their eyes. Also, everybody just wants Mugaro for their faction.
  • Husband is sitting on the couch with me and now he’s unwittingly watching subtitled anim—aaaaannnd now he’s covering his eyes with a blanket.
  • Kaiser: “I wanted to keep these feelings to myself.” Me: You love Azazel! Kaiser: “I have to tell you how I really feel!” Me: You love Rita? Kaiser: “I… I am worthy of being a knight, right?” Me: *rolls eyes*
  • I think Rita thought it was a love confession, too.
  • Something about Kaiser redminds me of one of the Jojos…
  • Is Kaiser’s hand fake?
  • Disloyal duck.
  • Ohhh… completely unrelated to what’s going on in this episode, I know why Az is the most attractive demon.
  • Oh, dear. Bacchus knows about Mugaro. I wonder if he can be trusted. He’s not making a big deal out of the fact that he knows.
  • So, apparently, Chariose is only like 21 or something. So that works out much better, anyway, if he’s with Nina who is 16. I mean, he’s still too old for her nowdays, but back then? This is fine. I’m fine with this.
  • Ooooo…. So Chariose was the son of the king and a concubine, and only the rise of Bahamut gave him the opportunity to be king. Interesting.
  • Chariose is acting very short sighted.
  • Chariose acts as if Bahamut is not gone, or might come back. And honestly, if this series goes well, I might have to go back and watch the original just for greater backstory.
  • The room where Kaiser and Chariose have their confrontation (verbal) is really cool. It has to be said. I feel like this location would make more sense if I watched the original. Maybe several of these locations.
  • Oh, jeez, dude. What are you doing? Also, why do you think that you can open his eyes without waking him up?
  • Wow, Mugaro has beautiful eyes. Absolutely stunning. But now Bacchus knows for sure that he’s the boy that angel tasked him with finding.
  • Episode 5, “Those Who Won’t Give Up”

Will Bacchus turn Muargo over to the angel faction? Will Azazel use Nina as a rallying cry without her consent? Is the goose really such a disloyal pet as to forsake his master?? Why am I asking you all these things? Tune in next watch-along to find out!

Image result for rage of bahamut virgin soul episode 5
Beautiful heterochromia.

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