Feature the Most Evil Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 17)

I have the cutest cat in the word, and if I told you otherwise to appease all the other cat owners out there, I’d be lying. Yes, there are other cute cats, and yes, I can love them, but my baby Muffin is the best cat in existence for about 75 million reasons that would take far too long for me to list out here. Just know that she is sitting on the chair beside me, rubbing her face on the table edges and putting her little feet on the table to get the ‘ttentions. And, no, she totally didn’t coerce me into writing this. What on earth do you mean?

Now that I’m done gushing about my sweet baby cat who I would love even if she were bald (HUSBAND), it’s time to get back into the 30 Day Character Challenge (source here) with day 17, the most evil character I can comprehend…

Ooooo. That’s a tough one. The titles I watch aren’t much for pure evil so much as misunderstood evil. But I suppose I’ll have to think of someone… hmm… who to choose…

Oh! I know! But they’ll be spoilers…

Rido Kuran from Vampire Knight

Image result for rido kuran

Let’s not beat around the bush about it; the dude is bad. Rido, Yuki’s uncle and Kaname’s descendant, only begins by murdering Yuki’s parents (who are also his siblings because anime is weird) and spiraling the “young” lives of two fledgling vampires out of control. He later returns to power only to body bind Senri and ultimately attempt the ruination of everything Kaname’s been trying so hard to protect.

In most shoujo anime, the villians are misunderstood or hold some secret redeeming qualities, but not Rido. He’s straight up evil for the sake of it. He takes what he wants without remorse, and very little gets in his way.

Related image

If you’ve seen Vampire Knight, what did you think of the series? What did you think of Rido? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Feature the Most Evil Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 17)

  1. Rido is definitely just an unforgivable jerk, but he kind of needed to be given even the ‘heroes’ of the story are skating on some pretty tenuous moral ground at times. It would have been hard for the villain to differentiate himself he was anything less than pure evil for the sake of it.


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