Faces of the Scouting Regiment – CMV/AMV SATURDAY (09/29/18)

Frankly, the quality of this CMV put out by Cosplay Videos by Diesel blows my mind. The amount of time, energy, planning, cooperation, and editing that went into this video titled “2000 Years Ago” is astounding. The collaboration of 20 cosplayers and 3 crew members was filmed in Germany. Entirely amateur, they have no film making experience, but did this to show their love for Attack on Titan.

If you enjoyed this filmette as much as I did, please go to Youtube and send the creators some love. They wholeheartedly deserve it. ❤

To enter the sweepstakes mentioned here, click here. I’ll include this link on all blog posts published between now and the sweepstakes conclusion. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Faces of the Scouting Regiment – CMV/AMV SATURDAY (09/29/18)

  1. Fan films these days are getting better and better. I’ve seen a number of Star Wars fan films for instance, that are almost as goods as the real thing.
    This one was very well done too. Costumes were spot on, and so was the editing. Thanks for sharing this! 😊

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