Watch Along- Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 4

Is this show everything I hoped it would be? Yes, that and more. On to episode 4 and a resolution to the Chariose v Azazel debacle. I am dying to know Chariose’s motivations in detail, and not understanding what makes Nina transform is all but driving me mad.

  • Right from the beginning, Azazel is getting pummeled.
  • And there’s the screamo.
  • Whoa. How many times can I say “whoa?”
  • AZ!! NO!!
  • He’s like half dead! Why are you still blushing looking at him, Nina? Don’t other things take precedence!?
  • Was he crying when he said that, or was it sweat?
  • Oh, my gosh, she transforms through the power of hugs. ;P  (If I transformed into a dragon every time Husband hugged me, that would become v problematic.)
  • Nina is such a bad@$$.
  • I assume they’ll explain the green glow from the Onyx Knights eventually.
  • Kaiser is stuck in the middle between these two factions. It’s obvious that he cares for both Chariose and Azazel. I just wonder as to his story.
  • Is Nina… Bahamut’s daughter…? Nah, no way.
  • W-what? The demon who killed Kaizer’s father?
  • Chariose is a smart cookie and human lie detector.
  • Finally, some embarassment about waking up naked.
  • She turns into a dragon WHEN A MAN MAKES HER HEART RACE. Count me in!
  • Nina: Everything was fine. Azazel: Until you met me. Nina: Y-you’re not the only one who made my heart race!! (Gah, why can’t I ship it???)
  • And there’s Rock the hand being all cute again.
  • DA FRICK!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!! “Let me make love to you! That will turn you into the dragon!” WHAAAAAAAAAAT!<!<!<!<!<!<! I you just what?????
  • *takes a deep breath* I’m okay.
  • *replays the clip* I’m not okay.
  • I still think Azazel is hot. It has to be said.
  • Yes, you’re flustered, so run naked through the street, Nina. That’s smart.
  • *gasp* It’s the boy’s mother!
  • Joan of Arc is his mother!?
  • And just like that, we have episode 4, “Firestarter.”

Okay, so I finally got a few answers. I want so badly to watch the next episode, but I think I’ll be headed off to sleep now. Azazel’s destination will remain a mystery for now. I just wonder how much more backstory I would know if I had watched the original series.

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ep 4 (2).png
I was not expecting this historical figure to appear, but I suppose the show will be full of surprises.

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