Watch Along– Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 2

I wasn’t going to watch-along this next episode of Virgin Soul, but it only took a few seconds to beak that resolve, so let’s knock this one out of the park, yeah? This seems like one of those shows that’s impossible not to gush about as I view.

  • So, the little boy’s a girl…
  • And she’s working with the help of a disembodied Frankenstein hand in it’s own lab apron. I mean, ya know, that seems pretty standard…
  • The hand’s name is Rocky. The girl’s name is Rita. And, apparently, she’s super old despite her appearance.
  • Aaaaand, she’s a Zombie.
  • I like how Nina’s all “Oops, I did it again.” :p
  • Azazel. Phew. I’m more than okay with this.
  • ooooooo, Wait. The boy and the Zombie girl, Rita, are different characters. At least I’m not crazy.
  • Finally we get some form of OP. You know, if this OP was my first introduction to the series, it probably would not peak my interest at all, but I feel like it would REALLY interest someone else, you know?
  • Did the people behind Devilman: Crybaby also animate this? To the Internet!
  • Nope, totally different studios. Oh, well, moving on then.
  • The old guy is Bacchus?? Huh. Does that explain the talking goose?
  • Haha! She’s boy-deprived!
  • Can we talk about how Azazel is so attractive that I just can’t even?
  • Azazel is such a grumpy Gus.
  • Azazel: “The humans stripped him of his wings…” Me: Oh, that’s so sa– Azazel: “…and crushed his windpipe.” Me: …
  • He really shouldn’t lay hands on her, even if he’s desperate. And Rita is going to make sure of that. *Arm goes flying*
  • They make demons fight in the gladiator arena just like the Romans made Christians face lions.
  • I wonder why Azazel works for the crown if he can’t stand them.
  • Azazel is killing people now without mercy and it’s pretty horrifying, I’m not gonna lie.
  • Why is Elvis worried for Azazel? Is he a demon, too??
  • Oh, gosh. Oh, ew. Now I see why Azazel murdered those men. Not that murder is ever right, but he was trying to save kid’s lives.
  • Uh oh, the Onyx Knight was watching from the window. Elvis is gonna be in troubbbleee…
  • Nina! Come save Azazel!! Oh, no!!
  • Oh, wow. That boy is powerful. And now he’s also blond.
  • And that’s the end of episode 2, “The Miserables.”

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I honestly don’t know if I’ll watch along every episode of this show or if it will become too intense as we go along and I’ll need all my concentration to keep up with the action and subtitles (which has already proven difficult on a few occasions), but as long as it seems feasible, I’m in.

Until next time,


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Azazel is an interesting character. Also I ship him and Nina a little bit even though I know it would never work out.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Along– Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 2

  1. The part where you said “He’s also a blonde” cracked me up. I don’t know if I was supposed to but that struck me as hilarious. I love it when hair color changes due to power haha.

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